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Sheriff's Foundation Mission

Richland County deputies risk their lives daily. They protect people and property, often under adverse conditions. Providing equipment when it is needed, rather than when dollars become available was, and still is, The Richland County Sheriff's Foundation's primary goal. The match of dollars to needs isn't always perfectly timed. And the time lost attempting to obtain equipment can cost the lives of law enforcement officers.

The Richland County Sheriff's Foundation was formed with the objective to purchase bulletproof vests for the unprotected officers in the field. Over two hundred bulletproof vests have been purchased so far and they remain an ongoing priority. In 1998, Sheriff Leon Lott informed the members of the Foundation's Board of Directors that some of deputies had no way to communicate with other officers or even the dispatcher when out of their patrol car. Walkie-talkies were desperately needed!  The 10-member Board went to work raising funds, primarily through their annual Golf Classic and were able to equip every officer.

To date the now 15 member Board has raised thousands of dollars and has extended its Mission to not only providing the life saving equipment needed, but also give support to our beloved K9's, our Mounted Patrol, our Bike Patrol, a number of community initiatives and is the helping hand that reaches out when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty. The Richland County Sheriff's Foundation stands prepared to respond to the urgent needs of the department as they protect and serve our citizens, while sacrificing so much to do so.

If you would like to donate, tax-deductible contributions can be made to:

Richland County Sheriff's Foundation
PO Box 1182
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

or online via PayPal

For further information contact:
Joni James, Foundation President


Foundation Officers

Joni James, President

Laura Howell, Secretary

Julie Chavis, Treasurer

Foundation Board Members

Clayton Ferguson

Robert Liptak

Amy Lynn

John Madison

Ken McCarthy

Martin Moore

Nick Propst

Matthew Rosbrugh

Chris Schroeder

Josh Waters

Chad Weeden




Foundation Advisory Board

Erik P. Doerring

Perry Dozier

Johnny Fins

Frederick Kotoske
Jonathan Rush

Bill Weathersbee
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