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June 20, 2013

fargo tag

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that the Richland County Sheriff’s Foundation now has available K9 Fargo Dog Tags for sale beginning Friday June 21, 2013. The Sheriff added that the Dog Tags will be available on line at www.RCSFSC.com or by email at fargotag@gmail.com .

The Foundation supports the Richland County Sheriff's Department, through fundraising and donations, often stepping in to help Deputies and their families in the event of crisis and general need. The Sheriff stated that the Fargo Tags will cost $15 each and the money will go to support the Foundation’s efforts to provide for those who protect our communities.

For further information email fargotag@gmail.com


March 9, 2012

Sheriff announces generosity of citizens places new bullet proof vests on 15 K9 Deputies During a press conference held today, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced that, due to the generosity of the community, 15 of the Department’s K-9’s have new bullet proof vests.

Sheriff Leon Lott states that the 15 custom fitted vests were presented thanks to the kindness of so many citizens who made donations in memory of K-9 Deputy Fargo who was killed in the line of duty on Friday December 16, 2011.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated that he and the Department have been overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support. The Sheriff added that he is very grateful to all who made donations to help the K-9 Unit -- adding that the generosity and support for the Sheriff's Department is the result of the relationships the Deputies build every day working with our communities and citizens.

The purpose of the K-9 Unit is to provide the citizens of Richland County with trained police service dogs to protect the deputies and communities, building searches, help locate drugs, apprehend fleeing felons, detect explosive devices and find lost/missing persons.

To accomplish this, the unit utilizes seventeen police service dogs. Sheriff Leon Lott stated that presently the unit has 14 Belgian Malinois, one Bloodhound and one Dutch Shepherd . The Sheriff added that all of our dogs, except the Bloodhound, are dual purpose dogs, meaning they are trained in two or more specialties -- each dog has proven on numerous occasions to be an asset to the department and the community.

Sheriff Leon Lott is proud of the Deputies and their K9 partners for all the training and certifications that they have received and how hard they work each day to make our neighborhoods safe.





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